Pushing to Return the Right for Family-Directed Funerals to New York State Residents

Please take a moment to consider the message below from our friend, Josh Slocum, of the Funeral Consumers Alliance.  He has important information to share about the rights of New Yorkers to care for their loved ones after death.  This is a NY State issue.  Folks are needed to make it known that citizens want the law changed so do consider signing the petition and reviewing the other information below:

Dear friends,

This letter is going to all volunteers with the Funeral Consumers Alliance groups in New York State as well as to advocates for the right to family-directed funerals around the country. It’s time for the citizens of the Empire State to take back an important right.

New York is one of only eight states that prohibit families from acting as their own funeral director. Yes, I mean an undertaker-free funeral where the family prepares the body, files the paperwork, and completes the arrangements. Some choose this because they want to continue caring for someone who meant a great deal in life. Others may not be able to afford even the most basic services of a funeral home. But New York says, No. Your dead are the property of the commercial funeral industry. 

We need your help to change that. And before you stop reading and say, “Oh, well, I’m not interested in that or my group isn’t interested in that,” take a moment to remember: the foundation of funeral consumer rights includes the right not to be a consumer at all. Even if a home funeral isn’t right for you, without us families who want this option have no one to stand up for them.

So what can you do?

For now it’s enough just to get the conversation going, so I look forward to hearing from you! As the issue develops we can work out a strategy to move forward. I know New York’s dedicated FCA leaders have the talent to get it done!

Best wishes,

Josh Slocum, Executive Director


About Julie Reynolds

My name is Julie Reynolds and I recently started as the new administrator (March 2012) for The Memorial Society of the Hudson-Mohawk Region.
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2 Responses to Pushing to Return the Right for Family-Directed Funerals to New York State Residents

  1. jmbabcock@nycap.rr.com says:

    I printed out the petition and will sign it and mail it in. I thought any petitions had to be signed personally and sent in order to be considered. Is that correct?

    Jean Babcock

  2. Hi Jean,
    No, these are electronic signatures. Petitions are being done this way a lot now and they have, in many cases, been effective. Thanks for reading my blog post and considering this important issue!

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